The Eclipse of Hope

Empyrean's Journal, Cycle #1777, Day #178

New support for the quest...

The paladin calls himself Thoq. He has an interesting story to tell and was gifted to the church at a young age. He was born to be a bastion against evil, it would seem. Azoun agrees with me on this and the letter sent to the Bishop, ahead of the young Valiant’s arrival, indeed reads true: that he is the most promising candidate of those pledged to Mayaheine in many years – and a male, at that! (And minotaur!) He will be my twin sun in this land of night and shadow. Together, we will be as Valya and Manar, in the olde tongue. I shall wield Pelor’s Divine Authority and in this Valiant’s hand will be wielded the Doom of Pelor’s foes.

This last eve we traveled to the nearby alehouse that was pointed out to me by the acolytes. A place to find two others of those in my dreams – somehow each of us brought here, to Fallcrest. On our arrival we spy them out easily, the brothers in blood. Brothers to the world tree. So whispers Al’Asran in my sleep. They are primal spirits and are kindred to one another in the blood of the wolf. One is Grauple – the druid is an elf and is quiet, like many of his kind – when he speaks, one must learn to listen, for there are newfound thoughts within his words. The second is Reynaldo – he is both man and beast and within him is conflict, always… and pain. They are the two moons from my visions.

(I remember now, in half-forgotten visions, the Aire du Laer – The Druids of Summer. Holy men who gave sacrifice to Sol, who they knew only as Father of Summertide. Rather than secret away in hovels as those so-called earth-lovers do now, they cared for the forests and the men and elves that made their homes there, as well.)

Finally, a lone soul cast adrift on the Sea of the Cosmos. This one I did not foresee, but if the signs are correct (and they are, they are) then he is the ocean of stars to our suns and moons, a constellation to himself and yet he seems to shift purpose from moment to moment like the fickle Sea herself. He says he is known as Syrun.

Together, as one, we join forces, for now. It will take time to purify us in the heat of battle. But that is what Sol is best at, is it not? And the warm pure radiance that follows will be a welcome sight.



Keep this up. I love it!


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