The Eclipse of Hope

Empyrean's Journal, Cycle #1777, Day #185


It has been an eventful day. The five of us arrived in Winterhaven, as planned, after five full days of travel on the King’s Road from Fallcrest. Besides the ambush near the false gravemarkers, the journey was not noteworty, particularly. I’ve grown accustomed to the nuances of my travelling companions: Syrun’s almost inaudible humming as he examines The Card, the glint in Reynaldo’s eye whenever meat is cooking over the fire, Grauple’s ability to smell us before he can even see us, and of course the Minotaur’s snoring at night…

There were several notable subjects in town that we chatted with over time this eve. I will refer any kind reader to my supplemental journal on investigations for the details, and I will only give the briefest of insights here:

Coal-Striker: Dwarven Smith – blind, ale, quality goods, friendly, community-driven
Lenor: Human Prelate of Avandra – uninformed (regarding the cult activity), dedicated, comely, faith-driven
Paidrig: Human Mayor/Lord – honest, upright, forward-thinking, mild avarice?
Valthrune: Human Mage/Sage – modestly intelligent, connected, elderly, conservative, judgemental
Rond: Human Man-at-Arms – de-facto castellan, capable, martial, goal-driven

After an evening of banter, information-gathering, drinking (mild, considering the constitution of this incarnation), and negotiating, we have come to the following conclusion: to best assist with the needs of this small community and to advance out goals regarding the investigation of and interference with the local cult, we will need to seek out a recent migrant visitor to the area by the name of Dovin Stahl – a treasure hunter of sorts. He is investigating what would seem to be a dragon burial site nearby. Interesting of its own accord and worth the effort, likely. We would be wise to keep eyes out for another party in the area – a huntress named Nenaren. I’ve not seen the elf, but Grauple caught sight of her in Sylvana Raftin’s Inn this eve. We were not able to talk with her ’ere she left, unfortunately. Rangers always make formidable allies when in their own neck of the woods. She could be an excellent guide, perhaps.

Tomorrow we meet with Valthrune, the sage and make our way to the burial site. Pelor bless our endeavors.



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