The Eclipse of Hope

Empyrean's Journal, Cycle #1777, Day #191

Keep on the Shadowfell

Our adventures have consumed the last week, and now we rest momentarily on the precipice of continued danger. We indeed took the time to assist the small town of Winterhaven in their time of need. Tracking the local kobold, goblin, and hobgoblin threats was a worthwhile endeavor that netted us key leads that now direct us to an assault on this dark-stoned keep before me.

Unfortunately, along the way, darkness dealt another harsh blow – as our guide and friend Nenaren, a skilled and trusted ranger of the forest in her own right, turned her back upon the light for the final time and paid for her sins with her lifeblood. Pelor’s grace shall be withheld from that one – that scion of Orcus’ brutish evil.

So we now call to Pelor for strength and light as we descend into the depths of this accursed place and bring justice to this land by sword and by the conviction of our spirits. By his will, we will soon re-emerge victorious.



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