The Eclipse of Hope

Empyrean's Journal, Cycle #1777, Day #193

Kalarel Defeated

So indeed this place of horror and darkness has been cleansed of evil. It is a great day in the presence of Pelor and Mayaheine! For two days, we have striven against the foes within the fortress called recently, “The Keep on the Shadowfell” – and victory is ours through faith and companionship.

Kalarel indeed made this place his home and he is fallen. What was once originally a place sacred to Bahamut and home to good men and women of the Vale has been returned to its prior state. The Lord of the Keep is once again at rest, as well. In the morn, we return to Winterhaven to bring the blessed news to the townsfolk. Hopefully with Lord Padrig’s assistance, we can keep watch for years over the portal to that accursed plane of existence, the Shadowy plane of death and pain.

Who knows what the next week holds for us besides, if Pelor wills it, a few days of rest and prayer. There is still the matter of the slavers at large that we need attend to; I will discuss the matter with Sister Lenora when we return to town. Mayhap she has heard of this band of creatures that kidnaps and enslaves. The letter we recovered from Kalarel’s lair spoke of Thunderspire Mountain. I’m no local, but it was hard to miss the lone mount east of Fallcrest – perhaps a few day’s march, I’d estimate. I know nothing of the place, and I doubt my comrades do, either; we will need to access further knowledge on the subject before treading into the territory of such adversaries.

Then again, there are still two others at large whom are our enemies now: Agrid, that foul gnome, and the mysterious tactician behind our first encounters in Fallcrest, so-called Wormwood. Finding them may be tedious at best. Perhaps they will find us again first – I hope we are ready for it.



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