The Eclipse of Hope

Empyrean's Journal: Cycle #1777, Day #177

My waiting is at an end...

I have been passing the time in Pelor’s presence here at the temple, these last several days. After the 154 day trip from the Sea of Dust my body could take no more. And so I rest and fill my days with prayer. Yet today, the 177th day since my incarnation, is an auspicious day.

Today, prayer has been answered. The one of which I dreamed so many weeks ago in the desert has finally arrived. A minotaur, he massive and well-built to endure the torments of his kind in ages past. Yet he is well-trained and defers to me in language and movement; he is well full of the blessings of Pelor and will make a fit and proper companion to effect Pelor’s calling in this world.

I have already spoken again with the local Bishop Azoun – he suggests that the most likely place to start with my dreams is to investigate the ruins west of here, near the small burg of Winterhaven. He mentions vague reports of undead in the area, there. Azoun is helpful and active in the church and makes a good shepherd to the flock here in Fallcrest… I will heed his advice on this – I can sense Pelor’s guiding spirit in him. Soon we set out west.




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