"Asi", The Sun-Staff of Al'Asran - Empyrean's Staff

The Staff of Al'Asran glows with a steady and warming golden light


This staff of burnished bronze feels solid to the grasp and always mildly warm to the touch. Runes written in supernal are inlaid with gold relief along its length and there are 7 gemstones set in its surface: 3 diamonds, 3 rubies, and 1 black onyx. Topping the staff is a stylized sun – the symbol of Al’Asran, also known as Pelor or Sol.


Upon the Creation of Asi by Al-Asran:

…a dreadful creature sprang from the midst of the sacrificial fires scattering flames all around. It was as though a moon had arisen in the midst of the stars. He was colored like a deep-blue lotus. His teeth were sharp and terrible, stomach lean and skinny and stature very tall and slim. He was of exceeding energy and power. Simultaneously, the earth started shaking, there were turmoils in the oceans, the forceful winds started howling all around, the trees started falling and being torn apart, and the meteors started blazing through the skies! HE is there, and many of Us; HIS eyes burn through each of Us and HIS mouth speaks with a white fire… “The ‘Being’ I have conceived is Asi,” HIS voice is consuming and sonorous, “It shall effect the destruction of the enemies of the gods and restore Your righteousness.” Upon HIS final word, the Creature assumed the form of a blazing, gold and brass-shod stave, glowing like the flames at the end of the eons. -

"Asi", The Sun-Staff of Al'Asran - Empyrean's Staff

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