People of Note

In Fallcrest

  • Aaron (Mysterious Mage)
  • Azound The Radiant; Bishop of Pelor’s Church in Fallcrest
  • Jorland The Businessman
  • Lurg Friendly Ogre
  • Johns Leader of Merchant CliqueDEAD
  • Fred Officer in the city guard
  • Wormwood Goblin thug in city…with tattoo of Orcus : ARMED AND DANGEROUS!!!

In Winterhaven

  • Agrid Gnome from the dragon pit : KILL ON SIGHT!!! 1000G BOUNTY!!!
  • Balgron Goblin ChiefDEAD
  • Sir Keegan Knight in keepPUT TO REST
  • Nenaren Huntress … evil, and bad guyDEAD
  • Dovin Stahl Dragon Burial Site SeekerDEAD
  • Kalarel The feared leader (also known as "Big Big Boss) of the Cult of Orcus in the Keep. After a run-in with the party, he had a bad day (and his soul was presumebly devoured by Orcas).DEAD

Thunderspire Mountain

Seven-Pillared Hall


People of Note

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