Darkness will fall, and hope will fail.

Just over 18 years ago, an obscure prophecy began to be fulfilled. No one spoke of the prophecy in the light. Even in the deepest of shadows, the boldest of the champions of darkness would speak of the prophecy in nothing above a whisper. After all, it is harder for the forces of light to thwart a prophecy they are not aware of.

Each of you came from a different background. Some are champions of goodness, others fight against any blight on the natural order, and yet others of you simply strive to survive and find yourselves in this world you call home.

Welcome to Oerth. The land you live in is just like the Oerth you may have read about in countless books or encyclopedias, with a few exceptions. The only difference worth noting at this time is that the nation of Ket is different. ~20 years ago, there was a major earthquake along the mountain range that borders the east of Ket. Mountain passes that had been used for hundreds of years collapsed. Roads that had been used for trade, making Ket a hub between the east and west were broken up, and overgrown within a few short years. Attempts were made to rebuild the roads and bring back Ket’s one time level of importance failed. Some reports came back stating that dangerous monsters had thwarted their efforts. Some reports stated that it would be possible, but greater resources would be required. Some reports just didn’t come back. As fortunes were lost trying to re-open the passes, new fortunes were made as other entrepreneurs discovered that new, safer passes had opened up to the north and to the south of Ket. Within a decade, the former glory of Ket was all but lost. Now, nearly two decades after the quake, communities still exist, and many even thrive. Much of the population that came from the east has moved to other locations outside of Ket in an attempt to rekindle their assets, while much of the population that had come from the west remained to try to do their best to restore the strength and grandeur that had once surrounded Ket.

The Eclipse of Hope

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